Standing Desk

RiseUp Standing Desk

The RiseUP – Standing Desk is the only standing desk designed to go with you. An industrial light weight, not-fixed option, for people that want an affordable standing desk that holds more than 40 lbs. of weight. No assembly required, turn any table into a work area.

RiseUP Table Top Standing Desk

The RiseUP standing desk is for all tasks; take it to work, bring it to the beach, leave it in the studio. Whatever you do all day, make sure to have the RiseUP for all your up and down needs.

As more of our workers in this country spend their time in front of screens, tied down to one location within a room, bad habits are formed. The creators of the RiseUP want to provide a solution to the every day office worker, as well as the person on the go. Consider the benefits while you have the flexibility to sit, or stand, at your leisure.

Standing Desk RiseUP

The RiseUP standing desk offers a built-in handle which gives one the freedom to transport the unit from room to room, or home to office, comfortably and conveniently. It is also tough enough to be knocked around, boasting a strong aluminum mechanism.

The top surface is strong recycled material, proudly made in the USA.
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